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During the winter of 1998, I set out to formulate the perfect soap for my dry, easily irritated skin.  I was tired of spending hard-earned money on products that gave me little relief and knew that with my background in chemistry I could formulate a superior product compared to what was available in the mass market. 


I spent more than a year researching the properties that various oils would impart upon soap, and then spent countless months developing the perfect formulation.  In 1999, I found it. Not only was the perfect formulation for my skin but also for the skin of numerous men and women, friends and colleagues whom I had talked into being my ‘guinea pigs’.  In 2004, I launched Dragonfly Soap Works with only one product,  and people loved the soap so much that they asked for more products made of pure ingredients.


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feel good in your skin again. . .” ©

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